Friday, October 9, 2009

Running Tomorrow

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Ironwood, MI right now about to go to sleep before tomorrow's marathon. I feel I ma ready to run a good time. Let's hope I can run smart. According to, it is suppose to be 30F and light snow at 8:00 AM but at 9:00 when the race starts, it should be 33 and mostly sunny. Then at Noon, it says windy, 20 mph, but from the WSW. We run mostly to the east so that is OK with me.

I find myself during race week, looking at the forecast often. I guess I just want to prepare myself as best as I can. I am sure a lot of you do the same even though there is nothing we can do about it, interesting, huh.

So I drove the 6 1/2 hours up here this morning and afternoon. I stopped in Oshkosh and visited with my former college coach for awhile and gave him a donation to the program. then a leisurely drive 'up nort'. The colors of the trees up here is Ironwood & Ashland seem to be past peak but on the way up, particularly in Stevens Point and Wausau were outstanding. I will try to get some pics on the way home. Hopefully the sun will come out allowing better pictures.

I went to the Expo and pasta dinner and just got back to the room. The Expo and dinner was held on an Ice Hockey Rink! They had the boards down but it was kind of crazy being on the rink. The pasta dinner was really good but I ate alone. Kind of hard to meet people so I sat at a table alone and hoped someone would join me, no luck. Oh well, maybe next time.

Time for some rest now. Wish me some luck tomorrow and I wish all others running this weekend the best of luck, Have great races!

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Mark said...

Have a great race, Bill! Can't wait to hear your report, hope the wind is at you back the whole way!