Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Running Shoe Dud

I may have gotten some running shoe duds.  I have been getting the same running shoe now for quite a few years.  My philosophy is that if it is working, why change?  I am not the type of runner to keep changing shoes depending on what s popular or what the magazines say is the best shoe.  That being said, I did change a few years back because the company's shoes I used to run with did not offer a shoe to my liking anymore.

So I bought a couple new pairs late last fall.  My plan was to use one of them strictly for racing and the other for training when my other trainers wore out.  I usually beat my shoes in pretty good so it took awhile before I had a chance to try the new trainers.  Here is what happened:

2 weeks before Icebreaker, I tried the new trainers on for a 13 miler at Pettit, a nice clean track.  I was 10 miles in and my left foot started to hurt.  The arch felt like it was stretching and I needed to change my foot fall form to make it stop.  I chose to stop running a take the show off and give that arch a good massage/rub down.  I have never felt Plantar Fascia before but I con only guess that this is what it felt like.  Lucky for me, the next run, I put on the old shoes and nothing bad happened.  I was able to put on the racers for the Icebreaker and no issues arose.

Then last Friday, I was back at Pettit for a 10 miler and used the same new trainers.  After 5 miles, the problem came again in the same foot.  I stuck it out, stretched it and was able to keep going until it came back a couple miles later.  I gutted out 10 miles not to my better judgement but I cannot wear those shoes again.  I just think they are a problem. 

I have only worn them for 20 miles on a clean track so I am tempted to go back to the running store to see if they can help me out on them.  I have used the same shoe for a few years so I really think I have a dud pair and the next ones will be fine.  I don't know if the running store can send them back or even exchange them for me.  I did buy them almost 2 months ago but only recently started using them.  I am not sure I even have the receipt anymore.  But I know the owner and will talk to him and see what he may be able to do.  Fingers crossed here.

I am not naming the shoe here because I don't want to give it a bad review.  Like I said, I use this shoe a lot and really like them.  And I am not going to name the running store either to give them a fair shake as well.  In the mean time, I am back to the old trainers and will continue for awhile that way.

Keep on Running!!!

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