Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012, A Mixed Results Year

2012 was a very odd year for me.  I only ran 1050 miles which is the lowest total I have run for a year in at least 7 years and about 600 miles less that I did in 2011.  I had an early injury with my IT band going in the first marathon of the year thus making me take off about 8 weeks of no running at all.  This was a total bummer for me.  I ran 7 marathons but only managed to sneak 1 under 4 hours and that was only by 2 seconds.  I had probably my worst marathon ever as well.

But on the bright side, I did run an all time Half Marathon (only) PR.  I ran my first Ragnar Relay on an Ultra team thus covering 37+ miles in less that 20 hours on no sleep.  I was able to coach some great kids in both Track as well as Cross Country.  The I Run Kids Marathon I organize successfully had its 4th annual race and my friend Chris and I successfully organized my first all comers 5K race (OK, technically this took place in 2013 but all the work organizing was in 2012.)  I was able to add 3 more states (Nevada, West Virginia, & South Carolina) to goal of becoming a 50 state marathoner someday.

Here is a list of the races I ran and links to my reports. 


Disney World Marathon in January.  IT Band injury caused me to have a terrible finish time.
Icebreaker Indoor Marathon in January.  Lots of Ibuprofen got me through this one.
ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon in August (Nevada).  Watch what you eat and beware of the elevation.
Haunted Hustle Marathon in October.  Pacer?  More like Failure.
Wisconsin Dells Honky Tonk Marathon in October.  Pushed my daughter, one of the most rewarding marathons Marshall University Marathon in November (West Virginia).  Never give up, it just might be that close.
Kiawah Island Marathon in December (South Carolina).  Fun road trip with the guys.

Half Marathons

Disney World Half Marathon in January.  5K done yesterday, full marathon tomorrow, give her hell!
Deckers Creek Half Marathon in June (West Virginia).  Surprising Half Marathon PR after injury.
Summerfest Rock n Sole Half Marathon in June.  Paced the group to a perfect 2:20.
Heatbreaker Indoor Half Marathon in June.  Hot outside, nice and cool inside.
Brewers Mini Marathon in September.  Cold and rainy but paced none-the-less.


Disney World 5K in January.  A Family Affair with my then 9 year old daughter.
Gary's Gallop 5K in April.  Another run with my then 10 year old daughter.
Waterford's 4th Fest 5K in July.  Low 90's at 8:00AM?!?!  VERY HOT.

Ragnar Relay Madison to Chicago in June.  Nothing like running a half marathon after running 24 miles in the last 17 hours in 90F heat.

I plan on increasing my miles for 2013 barring any injuries as I feel my endurance suffered.  I need help those last 3 miles of a marathon!  2013 starts out fast again with my 5th straight Icebreaker Indoor Marathon on January 20th.  Not sure what else 2013 has in store for me but you can be sure it will be an adventure.  So in the mean time, I will have to just...

Keep on Running!!!

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