Sunday, January 15, 2012

Race Report - Disney World 5K

I am back from the Happiest Place on Earth! And I have really had enough. 11 days is plenty and Disney is by no means a relaxing place to go, that is when you have 3 little girls that want to do EVERYTHING.

We arrived at Disney on Wednesday the 4th and went to parks right away. No need to rest before 3 races, is there? Thursday was again at the parks but when nap time came, Melissa (my then 9 year old, now 10) took the shuttle from our resort to the Marathon Expo held at Disney's Wide World of Sports. The expo was big and actually held in 2 different buildings. One building help the packet pick up and the official Disney Marathon store and the other where you picked up your shirt and all the other exhibits. We didn't stay too long as we did need to go to more parks in the evening.

One thing everyone that wants to run during the Disney World Marathon Weekend is that all the race start way way way way early and you need to get up even way way earlier to get there on time. The races are also way way way expensive too. The 5K costs $50 per person. I am not sure what the half marathon or the full marathon cost because I signed up for the Goofy Challenge (run both the half and the full) but that was $350!!!!!!

Melissa right before the start of the race.

Melissa and I woke up very early for the 6:30AM start to the 5K and took the complimentary transportation to EPCOT for the race. We got there plenty early since they told us we needed to be on the bus by 4:30AM. We walked around on the foggy morning in the cool air waiting for the race to begin. They did have tons of music playing and it was quite festive but the race was not chipped times. Seemed odd to me. $50 should at least get you an official time, shouldn't it?

Melissa happy to be running in the Disney World 5K

Melissa should be pretty close to me somewhere.

We did a little warm up and headed to the starting area. Melissa wanted to run as fast as she could so we lined up toward the front but not right up there. The gun sounded in the dark and the entire race was in the dark. The first mile was in parking lots and back roads of EPCOT before entering the back lots area of EPCOT near Test Track and then entering the public grounds near Norway section of World Showcase. I was pacing Melissa at close to 9:00 pace and we were doing well. By mile 2, Melissa was tiring so she was slowing down but kept up spirits and pushed on. By mile 3, she had picked it back up and pushed through her pain toward the finish line passing a few people along the way. The finish line is the same one that they use for the half marathon and the full marathon but much less crowded with people cheering for the 5K. We cross the finish line in a time of 27:15, not a PR for Melissa but within a minute and since she hasn't run but only 1 time since early December, I would say that is not too bad.

Melissa happy with her race and proud of her medal she earned.

After the race, we didn't stick around too long and headed back for yet another day of fun at the parks.

Race 1 of 3 done. 3.1 miles of 42.4 miles done. Some good to come, some bad.

Keep on Running!!!

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