Thursday, January 26, 2012

Icebreaker Indoor Marathon & Half Marathon (In Pictures)

Thank you to Bill Flaws from for all the pictures here. Please check out his website for icebreaker pictures as well as tons of race information all over the USA including running clubs and running forums. Bill ton thousands of pictures at the Icebreaker Marathon.

This is The Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, WI. This is where the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon takes place.

The Hall of Fame room overlooking the track and ice oval and where packet pickup was located. A great place to relax before the race and ofter the race.

The National Anthem was played by Olu Sijuwade who is a speedskater who trains at the Pettit Center. He has played the National Anthem at many national and international competitions held at Pettit.

The Start of the 5K race on Friday evening. Melissa is too short to be seen.

The start of the Full Marathon on Sunday morning. The race thins out considerably so it is not anywhere near that crowded on the track.

Half Marathoners run past the huge American Flag in Pettit.

Chris Ponteri, Icebreaker Marathon Race Director.

During the Full Marathon, a Zamboni cleans the ice for skaters. If you look closely, right below the small balcony, you can see a sign for runners saying "Watch for Zamboni Crossing"

The front stretch of the track with bleachers and timing clock.

View of the front stretch from the other side. You can see the large screen that shows spectators laps completed and current place.

The back stretch of the track. Pretty close to the wall, even closer to the ice.

The famous and super energetic water table volunteers right next to the track ready to hand off water or Powerade to any runner who need it.

The marathon relay is possibly the most exciting race of the entire event. Teams surround both ends of the track cheering on all the teams.

Banners hanging in the rafters of Pettit showing all the speedskaters who won Olympic Medals who have trained at Pettit (or at the outdoor ice oval that used to be located right where Pettit is now). Eric Heiden, Bonnie Blair, Dan Jansen, Chris Witty to name a few. Some of these champions grew up only a few miles from Pettit.

There was public ice skating allowed during some of the races. You could actually go ice skating while watching your friends run a marathon. Where else could you do that in the world?

Gold Medal Challenge Champions Mary Flaws and Mac McCulley.

Keep on Running!!!

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