Monday, February 6, 2012

Some of This and Some of That

It has now been over 2 weeks since I last ran at the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon. I am taking about 6 weeks off to recover from an IT Band issue. It sucks, but I do put things in perspective. I will be able to run again. There are far more pressing issues that others face too. I could most likely go 5 miles right now and not feel any issues, but I need the time for the IT to fully recover, and to learn whatever stretches to help that I need to learn as well.

Here is a funny little story. I was watching the movie “Courageous” this weekend. It is a nice movie about Fathers stepping up and not just being Fathers that are good enough, but really being great Fathers to their children and teaching them all the life lessons they need to be taught. The movie takes place in Albany, Georgia which is where the Albany Marathon is located. I ran the Albany Marathon back in 2010 along with my friends Mike and Paul so we could cross off Georgia on our way to 50 states.

I went to the Albany Marathon website ( to look at the course map since I recognized a few sites in the movie from my 2 days there. As I was looking at the website, I glanced at the top banner of pictures and saw that one of the pictures was my friend Mike just before the finish line. It was pretty funny to see that. I texted Mike and told him that he looked pissed off in the picture. Turns out he was intensely sprinting to the finish in order to break 3:13. His gun time ended up at 3:12:59 (Chip time 3:12:43). There is a reason there is a photo release in the small print of your race waivers, and this is why. I have been kidding him today that he is now an International Internet Marathon Super Star, and now he won’t talk to me, says he is too good for me. LOL

Remember that Jennipede thing I ran in and wrote about a few time? It is official now. The Jenniepe is the official Guinness World Record Holder for the most people linked completing a marathon. 62 of us! Take that Mr. International Internet Marathon Super Star!!! LOL I can get a personalized copy of the World Record Certificate too, I just don’t know how it should be personalized. Any other Jennipede’s out there? How are you getting your certificate personalized?

This coming weekend is the Pinewood Derby my girls are entering. They did really good last year and hope to do well again. We don’t try for the fastest “cars,” we try to make fun “cars”. And when I say “we”, that means I try to help them with things I don’t feel they are old enough to do or not skilled yet to do (ie power tools). So I basically mold the “cars” to the design that we both came up with and they sand them down and paint them however they want to. And I put the word, cars, in parentheses for a reason. Last year, we made a pickup truck, a semi-truck, and an ocean liner boat. Are we making cars this year? Nope! This year we have a “Megan-mobile” which basically is the name Megan carved out with wheels on it painted in rainbow colors. There is also a red wagon and a platypus. A Platypus?? Yes, it is supposed to look like Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb on the Disney Channel. I will post pictures when they are complete and you can judge if it actually does look like Perry.

Finally, registration is now open for the first annual Heatbreaker Half Marathon. I will write a post on that one real soon. It looks to be a really fun filled day of half marathon fun and even a half marathon relay.

Keep on Running!!!

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Mark said...

Hang in there and get better! Pine wood derby already!! My how time flies!