Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Just the Easy Run or the Long Run

Since my injury earlier this year, I have not done any really hard runs.  I have done a lot of easy 5 milers and I have done a few longer runs, 8, 11, 15.  But I have been neglecting the harder run, the track workout, the tempo run, the fartlek, the hills.  I decided to finally stop that.  If I am going to get back to the level I was before (and hopefully further), I need to get in those speed workout too.

Monday, I did a pseudo tempo run.  I started with 3 easy miles then decided to pick it up and tempo it back in.  My final 2 miles were 7:24 & 7:26.  They were hard and I felt out of shape doing them, but I did it and it was good.

Today I decided to hit the hills.  About 2 miles from my work, there is a really nice hill to run repeats on.  I have run them many times.  So I decided to go and run 4 repeats.  I kept getting faster as I continued on.  It was difficult and I am sure they were not as fast as I had done them before.  But the part that was encouraging was when I was done doing my cool down back to work.  It felt easy and fast.  I need to keep remembering that these hard workouts really do help.

I think I was avoiding them for a few weeks because I thought that running harder may make my IT sore.  Good News, did not happen.

I have another long run planned for this weekend with a friend.  Not sure if we are going only 15 or all the way to 20.  Either way it should be fun.

Keep on Running!!!

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Mark said...

It's so good to see you healed up and training hard again!