Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally to 200

It took awhile but I finally made it to 200 miles for the year.  Of course the injury and over 10 weeks of no running were to blame, but I am getting back to it.  I think I will even get over 100 miles for April.  Usually I am around 500 miles by this time of year.  I have no ambitions of "catching up" though.  That may have been part of the problem, too many miles.

I passed 200 on my long run this weekend.  Paul and I ran a 15 miler Saturday morning.  Paul had just completed to Whideby Island Marathon last weekend but wanted to do another long run this weekend.  So since he was a bit tired from that one, he didn't mind running a little slower in case there was a problem with my knee/IT Band.  We took a slightly hilly course but it is a nice trail.  Turns out I was able make it the whole 15 miles without pain.

I did start to lose it a bit after 13.  Seems my endurance was lost a bit over my break.  Paul and I did finish with a pace just under 9:00 so that isn't too bad.  I may get in an even longer run next weekend but that depends on how far a friend of mine wants to go.

Things are looking up for a few late spring races I want to do now that I can go the distance without pain.

Keep on Running!!! 


Tough Mudder said...

It was a nice post, thanks for sharing this to us. Looking forward for more updates, I love running too. Running is such a nice training when you are joining a marathon race. Great job well done, good luck !

Mark said...

Good to hear!