Monday, December 5, 2011

Miserable Out

On Saturday, I had a planned long run with Mike out by his place. We had looked on line at some maps and decided to try a new road a little off a route we sometimes take. Explore some. We mapped out a good 20 mile route and planned to meet at 6:30AM.

I woke up and it was 39F out, raining a little and windy. I contemplated calling him up and telling him I was going to Pettit to run but decided to tough it out, that and I needed to borrow his ladder so why not go down there.

Mike ran with a poncho but I decided not to. Not sure if that was a good idea or not as it was raining when we started but not hard. We ran slow and talked most of the time as he slowed to my easy pace for the run. He would go ahead of me on the up hills and I would catch him on the downs and flats. By mile 6, I was soaked all the way and even my earmuff was soaked enough that it felt like I had swimmers ear plug.

On the second half, we were less running into the wind and we picked up the pace a bit but the rain was pretty steady most of the time. It would stop for a bit but it didn't matter with how wet I was. Like I said, Mike had on a poncho but it just rattle and was noisy in the wind. I think I would have preferred to not wear one.

Somewhere around 14 or 15, Mike was ahead of me by about 50 meters or so and he yelled back to me. I looked up into the wind and while being pelted in the eyes with rain, we saw 6 deer cross the road ahead of us. I commented on how they must have been the survivors as gun deer hunting season just ended. It was cool to see them.

We ran the last couple miles without slowing down but still as wet as all run and finished with some good chocolate milk at Mike's place before putting the ladder in the van for the drive home. Yeah, it was miserable weather to run in, but it just makes me stronger so I'll take it. I am used to it so when it happens in a race, I won't be affected as much.

Sunday the first annual Girls on the Run 5K here in Milwaukee at the comfortable confines of the Pettit Center. While I didn't run it, I did take my 9 year old daughter to run. Once again, she ran awesome and crushed her 5K PR with a time of 26:40. She had a ton of fun and loved all the cheerleaders and others cheering her on every lap. It might not be too long before she is beating me so I better . . .

Keep on Running!!!

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misszippy said...

Love that your daughter ran the GOTR 5k! So good for them and maybe one day before long, you'll have another training partner!

Good work on a rainy long run. It DOES make you stronger!