Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Long Run of the Year

I wanted to get in a final long run since the Goof is only 3 weeks away. I also wanted to get in one more long run at the Pettit Center as a tune up for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon which is in only 5 weeks. So a Saturday morning run at Pettit would seem to have solved all of that . . . except that the running track was closed on Saturday morning due to a USA Speed Skating Championships going on. So I rescheduled my run on Friday evening instead.

My plan was to get in 20 miles and at least 73 laps. Mike was joining me a Pettit as well for his first ever run there as he prepared for his first Icebreaker Indoor Marathon. When I got there, he was already 7 laps in and was planning on running 50 laps but at a faster pace than me. We ran a few laps together before he ran his pace and I did mine.

I was taking my usual breaks of 30 seconds every 10 laps (~2.75 miles) and when Mike was finished, I was just coming up on 40 laps and stopped to talk a bit before continuing. By 50 laps in, my legs were starting to get tired and I was running a little faster than I wanted to (1:58 Half Marathon Pace). By this time, the open skating was done and they had turned the outside track lights off and only the hockey rink lights were on but still plenty light enough to run but I was the only one on the track as I got permission to keep running.

If I was feeling good, I was going to keep running to 80 laps which is just over 22 miles. I wasn't feeling all that good but I ran to 80 laps anyways and was beat by the end.

You might think it is easy to run on a track for 80 laps. It is completely flat after all, but it really wears on you. I also was taking my breaks a little less frequently that I am used to on a long run.

I am going to take the next few weeks to rest up a little. I would at least like to run the Disney Half Marathon somewhat fast but with the 5K and the half right before the Disney Full, I don't anticipate a fast time, in fact, I anticipate a very slow time. And with all the work on my feet the days before the Icebreaker, I think a sub 4 there is out of the questions as well. But I will go out, have fun and run the best I can.

Keep on Running!!!


misszippy said...

Oh man--I have to say you are mentally TOUGH to run that many miles on a tiny track!! Hats off.

Beth said...

I've found running on a track is tough because of the constant turning. When you were alone, did you turn around and run some of the laps the other way? The track I run on in the winter is pretty crowded so that is not possible. I hope you have a BLAST doing the Goofy! Weather was wonderful there last you and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will have the same.