Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for me finishing cleaning the house and deciding to get a quick runner blog post in. All the children were snug in their beds with visions of DS games, digital cameras, Princess stuff, Wii games danced in their heads. And I in my PJ's just settled down for hopefully a not so long post.

Yes, it is Christmas Eve and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Please keep Jesus in your Christmas celebrations and I wish you all only the best this Christmas season.

I did get in a long(ish) run this Christmas Eve very early in the morning so I could be done for festivities with my family. I was out the door dark and early at 5:57 this morning and it was the coldest run this new winter season. In fact, it was the first run for me in running tights as it was something like 16F out when I left. the first 5 miles were pretty dark out and right by mile 9, I was able to see the sun just coming over the horizon as I looked over near a clearing. It was beautiful. As far as the run, it wasn't exactly a good one, not horrible, but very sluggish and somewhat slow. I ended up going 11.8 miles and the average pace was 9:33. There were a few hills, but nothing really to complain about. I just wasn't on top of it this morning and that is OK. I have only 2 weeks until the Goof so better to get the sluggish run out of the way now instead of later.

The 11.8 miles this morning brings me to a total of just over 1620 miles for the year, a new record total for me. Not the only record for me this year, no Marathon PR though, but a high total of mile. Last year I just crept over the 1600 mile mark and with 1 more week to go this year, I should end up somewhere near 1640 would be my guess.

I won't put in too many more miles since I do have the Goof coming up and I am not fixated on a specific mileage goal now that I am over last year's total.

The return of the Jennipede!

There is a New Year's Eve race in Milwaukee called "Run into the New Year" held at Noon on New Year's Eve (don't you think midnight would be better?), and the entire Jennipede team has been invited to run compted. That would be a good final run of the year, at least I think so. I am not sure how many teammates we will have but it should be fun linking up again even if it is only for 3.1 miles. I am planning on bringing my oldest daughter along so she can run next to us. She needs a run in before the Disney 5K anyways. I hope we get a bunch of the team but time will tell.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year, or maybe a Happy Hanukkah. I hope Santa leaves you a new pair of running shoes under the tree, or maybe a new Garmin watch, or a running singlet and shorts? Either way, I wish you all the best!

Keep on Running!!!


Mark said...

Have a great new year my friend!!

Beth said...

Congrats on your great year and I hope you have a great time with your daughter at the race. Just a little longer to the Goofy and 3 medals in 2 days!