Thursday, October 13, 2011

Right Said Who???

I am leaving tomorrow to drive down to Louisville, Kentucky for the Louisville Marathon that takes place on Sunday. I am pumped. I am ready (I hope). I am concerned (WHAT?) I looked at the weather forecast for Louisville on Sunday at it calls for Sunny and a high of the low 80's. OK, at race start time, it won't be 80, but toward the end, it could be in the mid 70's already. I am not a good runner in the heat so I am concerned. I will take it as it is and run the best I can.

I guess my ultimate goal would be to run about 8:30's and finish close to 3:45. With the heat? Maybe not. We will see how I feel on race day. I do have another marathon planned for 2 weeks later (The Haunted Hustle Marathon in Middleton, WI) if this one doesn't work out and hopefully it will be cool . . .I take that back . . .cold for that one. I like my marathon temperatures to start in the upper 30's and end in only the upper 40's tops.

Here is something I thought was pretty funny. 2 weeks ago was the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee where I was part of the Jennipede Tethered Run. When we came toward the finish line, the sides of the finishing chute were packed with people for at least 150 meters. They were all clapping and giving us High-5's and just showing us support. It was one of the coolest things I have even experienced. One thing I did not notice but I was able to notice upon watching a video of us finishing (Watch a short video here from YouTube). You can see how crowded it was for us even over 6 hours after the start.

The song that is playing for us when we finished has become sort of a "Theme Song" for the Jennipede and is titled "Stand Up (for the Champions)" It is a pretty cool song for a sports themed song and I may use it next year for the Kids Marathon. The funny thing is that is is performed by a group named "Right Said Fred". Perhaps the younger readers here may not remember who Right Said Fred is, but some of you may remember Right Said Fred for them being a One Hit Wonder in 1991 with the song "I'm Too Sexy", a pretty funny song from back then.

Anyways, that made me laugh that our theme song is sung by a group who also sings "I'm too Sexy".

I kind of wish I was going on the trip with my friends Mike and Paul. They are headed out to Connecticut and Rhode Island for another Double Marathon Weekend. 2 more states for them, 1 more for me. I will still have fun and hopefully run faster than they do (at least faster than day 2 for them).

So off to Louisville and hopefully a good time. We will see.

Keep on Running!!!

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