Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recovery Taper

I am in that recovery taper mode again. Recovering from the marathon a week ago and tapering for the marathon 1 week from now. I didn't get int too many miles this week. 2 runs of 4 and 5 miles each earlier mid last week to just get the legs moving. The runs felt good, very easy and just loosening up. They did their job.

Saturday was my "long" run of the week. Well not really long at all, only 8 miles easy, but it was the longest of the week. I woke up early on Saturday at it was almost perfect outside. Well, almost perfect for me. Finally a cold day outside. The sun had just rose and it was like 33F out so running felt very easy and no real chance of overheating. I love it when it is cool out!

I ended up running with a new friend of mine named Amy. She lives about a mile and half away and was on the Jennipede team with me. She is also very close pace to me so I was really looking forward to it. It is always good to find another running partner. I ended up running a little over a mile and a half to meet her on a crushed limestone bike path we live both near. We then ran the next 6 miles together at an easy 9+ pace just talking and getting to know each other better. Amy is a really cool lady, we had a lot of fun on the run. I am sure we will run again sometime soon. She is signed up for the Icebreaker Half Marathon so I will get to see her run there.

This coming Saturday is the Haunted Hustle Marathon and I am not sure how I want to run it. Since I was disappointed in my time from Louisville somewhat to blame on the heat later in the race, I really still feel I can run a good time. Right now almost a week out, the weather looks to really be in my favor though. A low of the mid 30's the night before and a high of the low 50's. It is way too far out to be reliable but I can hope. If the weather is nice like that, I may try to go for a fast time again. Maybe not, we will see how I feel later in the week.

Keep on Running!!!

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