Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Fun

Well, we are getting snow again as I write. We are got about 5 inches throughout the day and expect 5 or so more before work tomorrow. Lucky for me, actually my back, it is the light, somewhat fluffy snow. That makes shovelling so much easier. frugal me still uses the old shovel instead of spending $300 to $500 on a snow blower. I will break down since my girls are still way too young to help. Helping to them was making snow angels in the yard as I cleared the driveway. They did have fun.

I did get in 4 miles yesterday with Mike and I plan on running 2 hours on Saturday morning with Paul at Pettit. Both of them along with my friend Chaz are running next weekend in Phoenix at the Rock & Roll Marathon. It will be interesting to see how the do. Chaz has a sore heal. Mike pulled his hammie a bit on a run but will still run. And Paul hasn't done many miles recently but always pulls a good time out of his ---. I wish the good luck down there. It should be a lot warmer there than here, and no snow.

Also good luck to everyone running at the Disney World Marathon this weekend. It might not be great weather for enjoying the parks, but it sounds like great marathon weather. Extra good luck for all the Goofs out there!

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