Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friends at Rock & Roll

Today was the Rock & Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ. I did not run it, I was still here in cold Wisconsin. But I did have 3 friends that traveled down to run. All 3 ran really good considering what they were going through.

Chaz ran a 2:57:43, this is 6 minutes off his PR but he has been suffering from a heal problem for awhile. He did end up being the first finisher from Wisconsin in 110th place overall. Mike suffered a hamstring pull a few weeks ago and somehow was able to run a 3:24:35. And as usual, Paul ran well and finished in 3:40:27.

In an upset in the Half Marathon, Ryan Hall was defeated by Simon Bairu. While I think it sucks Hall lost (it was only a training run for him), I can't help but like that is was by Bairu who is a U of Wisconsin Grad and train in Oregon with Matt Tegankamp, Chris Solinski, and the rest of the former U of Wisconsin Track/Cross Country team that is doing so well in the running circuit.

As far as my training for the Icebreaker is going, I did a not so good run today. I ran 8 miles but had some issues at mile 5 that were not fun. I still finished it in about an 8:45 pace but was not happy with the run. I will do a few more short runs this week before the 39.3 miles over the weekend. And crazy Paul, yes the one who ran the Rock & Roll Marathon today, will also be doing the Gold Medal Challenge with me next weekend.

And finally, I spoke to the Principal at my girl's school today and we are a go for the 2nd Annual WELS Kid's Marathon. We have begun the planning already but with his go ahead, we will officially begin the work needed. It should be a lot easier this year since we know what we did right and what we did wrong and what we want to add and remove, etc.

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Beth said...

Congrats to your friends who did Phoenix. I'm sorry you had some issues on your run but it sounds like you worked it out. You are going to do great this weekend. Have fun planning for your race!