Saturday, January 9, 2010

(Most) Runners are Really Cool

Do you ever feel line you have run faster than it shows you have? Well, I felt that way today.

I woke up early and went to the Pettit to run for 2 hours on my last "somewhat" longer run in my training for the Icebreaker Marathon and Half Marathon which is in 2 weeks. I wanted to run a little faster than my previous slower runs at Pettit but not too fast. When I arrived, I started out doing laps at 2:30 seconds for the first 20 laps or so. Some faster, some slower. Not too long into the run, my friend (and Icebreaker Marathon Race Director) Chris showed up and we ran together talking for about 10 laps. He took off and ran with Dana'

Not long after that I found 2 ladies running that were running close to my pace. I sparked up a conversation with them since I have seen them at Pettit quite a few times. I had to pick it up slightly to keep with them but we chatted for about 5 laps. They were nice ladies who are training for Boston this spring and have similar marathon PR's to me. (3:45ish). Even though they run at Pettit often, they were amazed that I would even think of running a marathon there. i told them about the relay and it being open still and they might do it.

There are all kinds of runners at Pettit. Slow, fast, big, petite, smelly (see my post last weekend). There were all kinds there today. Some very nice like the ladies I ran with for a bit. Some jerks who think they own the track and don't listen to anyone. In particular are the slow runners who keep running in lane 1 instead of lane 2 (there are only 2 lanes). One particular guy today was running slow in lane 1 and was told several times that lane 1 was for passing and lane 2 was for running. He would have none of it and caused commotion his entire run, at least from what I see. I have met lots of runners at Pettit, it is easy to talk there as no matter what pace you run, you see the same people over and over.

(Most) runners are great people. I think we all know this. Most are very respectful. Most runners at Pettit even stop when they play the National Anthem for either the Speed Skaters or a Hockey game on the inner rinks. (Most) runners are very cool people. I know those of you who I have communicated with and have met via my or their blogs are very cool people and I know I would be good friends with them if we lived in the same area or met someday. it is the nature of us runners! So way to go runners! You are way cool!!!

Anyways, I felt like I ran faster than the 8:58 pace I ran. I may have forgotten to count a lap which would make me about 445 meter more faster. it is hard to keep track at Pettit, but the company is well worth it, even if there are a few rotten eggs.

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Beth said...

It's easy to get frustrated on the indoor track when some people don't follow the rules or common courtesy. It makes it so much more difficult for everyone else. At the indoor track I go to, there are lots of walkers. They will walk three abreast with their arms out while they are talking. I get so frustrated trying to pass them and not kill myself tripping on something. Good job getting your miles in. You are going to be ready!