Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

While I have already been to a few family Christmas get togethers, tonight is when Christmas really begins for us as it was my girls Christmas Service at Church. they sang their little hearts out and had fun doing it as well. It was a beautiful service telling the story of Bethlehem as if the audience was the Magi and the kids were either towns folk parents or children.

I have added some pictures at the bottom of this post to show some of the decorations I have put up and the girls with Santa Claus. I absolutely love the fact that they all still believe in Santa Claus and my oldest keeps reminding me how a few years back, she actually heard Santa down stairs but when she went to go look, he was already gone. Oh to believe. But if you asked them what Christmas is all about, each of them would say all about Jesus.

I have only 1 more day of work for the year, tomorrow, but I have enough work to finish it could take 3 days. That doesn't mean I have only 1 more day of running this year. While I am not running today or tomorrow, I am planning a 2 hour run (about 13 miles or so) at the Pettit Center on Christmas Eve morning. I will take Christmas off but then the day after, Saturday, i am planning a long one, maybe up to 23 miles. It the weather goes according to the forecasts I am hearing, I will also be doing this one at the Pettit Center. Doing a 13 miler and then a 23 miler 2 days later will help me prepare for the Icebreaker Gold Medal Challenge.

I will have to post more about the Icebreaker Marathon later, it is a really cool event, very unique.

I took this picture at a Breakfast with Santa event. I liked the reflection off the window and the lake in the background and didn't even realize her hands were together like in prayer until after I downloaded it.

The girls with Santa Claus. This was a really good Santa, even if his look isn't too good in this picture.

Here are the lights on my house. I could use some more, a lot more. What can I say, I like Christmas Lights.

The girls put almost all the ornaments on the tree this year. We do have 10 small Mickey Mouse head ornaments I put on that we play a "Find The Mickey Ornament" game. They find this fun.

Of course I have to have the marathon ornament on the tree. I also have a magnet of this for the back of my car or van. I get people from work or others I meet asking what is means. Sometimes I fool with them and say it is my phone number area code (it actually is 262) but then I tell them what it really means.

I wish you all a very Merry and blessed Christmas this year. I hope you can enjoy family and friends.


Melanie said...

I love seeing these! The house lights and tree are so nice! And your girl are adorable.

Tattie said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your girls and tree are beautiful - love the 26.2 ornament, haven't seen this before!

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas and good luck with those long runs. I'm glad you have someplace to go indoors. Love the ornament, by the way!

Mark said...

Great pics, Bill. Keep running! Happy new year!!