Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Media Hype

I got my 5 mile run in after work right before the snow began to fly. Actually during the last mile, it started to snow and by the time I went out to my van after changing, it was coming down pretty good.

It was another good run tonight. Easy pace over the hills loop and not much ice along the way, slush yes, ice no.

We are suppose to get quite a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow. But if you listened to the weather forecasters and news crews here in Milwaukee, you would think that the world was coming to an end. I mean these people are ridiculous. It is not like we have never gotten snow here before or even up to 12 inches as is expected. The city s cancelling schools and everything. It is like people have lost their minds. IT IS ONLY 12 INCHES OF SNOW PEOPLE!!!! We live in Wisconsin!!! I think the funniest thing about up coming snow storms that the media hypes up is that the grocery stores are packed with people "stocking up" on supplies and food. With the speed that they clean the roads now a days, it is never too long before they are easily drivable but yet people feel like you won't be able to go anywhere for days.

Another things they have already begun to do is close school for tomorrow. When I went to school, not too long ago I might add, they NEVER closed school on us. I remember having school closed maybe 5 times my entire elementary and high school years. Now if they closed school 5 times in 1 year, it would not surprise me. They seem to close it just in case it snows a lot. It makes it hard for parents like me to find places for the kids to go and be watched on no notice. yes, my work will let me take off and take a PTO day, they have no problems with this and are very family friendly, but I have a lot of responsibilities and need to be there to make sure production is completed. The snow and weather doesn't stop the customers from wanting their products. I have plans already in place for tomorrow in the event school is cancelled.

I am watching the news as I write this post and they just said there is a "State of Emergency across the State". Talk about an exaggeration! Maybe if this happened in Georgia, Florida, or somewhere else that doesn't get much snow it would be that, but not here.

Well, time for me to be proactive and go out and do a quick shovelling of the driveway. With the snow blower not working, I want to make sure there isn't too much to lift and screw up my back. For those of you in the cold, keep warm!

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Melanie said...

Heehee, this cracks me up. The exact same thing happens here any time snow or ice is mentioned, but only because we never get those things... so when we do, it's total chaos. School has been closed for a dusting of snow before. We have no clue what to do with snow or ice, so if we get any then everything just shuts down. Haha.