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It has been really, really busy lately.  Between work which is very busy, cross country coaching, training for fall marathons, and all the home life activities, I haven't had much free time. Sorry for no updates for awhile so here is a quick one.

As I mentioned before, I coach Cross Country for my daughters school.  This year, I have 2 daughters on the team, next year will be all 3.  Megan joined as a last second decision and while not a very fast runner, did have a lot of fun this year on the team.  There are not too many girls on the team so Megan was actually our 4th fastest runner (right here with Molly) and that is important as in grade school, they score 4 deep.  We trained all year for the big 'conference' meet which was last Wednesday.  Both Melissa and Megan were running in the JV race which is for kids grades 5 and under (Melissa is in 5th, Megan in 3rd). 

Melissa has been running outstanding this year so far and had the help of a teammate who could run with her and push each other.  They traded off being the top runner on the team over the first 4 meets.  At the conference race, her teammate was the victor, not only of the 2, but of the entire JV race.  Melissa had a cramp just before the 1 mile mark of the 1 1/2 mile race and eventually was passed by 1 other runner but held on the 3rd place out of 114 total runners.  Melissa finished in a time of 10:45.  Megan gave it her all and finished in the last spot in the top half of the race, 57th place in a time of 13:28 (just under 9:00 pace).  The team ended up taking 2nd place out of 20 teams beating 3rd by only 2 points.  I was so proud of both of them and the entire team. 

Melissa is in second place of the conference Cross Country Meet as her teammate begins to pull away.

Melissa and Megan after the race.  Megan happy with her race and Melissa slightly disappointed but still OK.

 The Second Place Conference JV Team.

Melissa running a different Cross Country race through the woods.

I have kept putting in the miles planning on a fall marathon or 2.  I put in a very nice 13 miler last weekend running completely around Pewaukee Lake over the hills.  A very nice run on a cool morning.  Then yesterday, I met up with Amy for a nice 8 miler on a very cold morning.  It was only 33F when we started and not much more when we ended.  There was no wind so it was actually very nice running weather.  Amy and I are pacing together next weekend at the Haunted Hustle Marathon in Middleton, WI.  I have run this marathon the last 2 years and really enjoy it.  It is early this year by 2 weeks but should still be fun.  Hopefully the weather will be like this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend and Marathons, today was the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon as well as the Chicago Marathon.  It has now been 1 year since last years World Record Jennipede marathon.  I have sure made a few really cool friends from that event (including Amy), and it is good to remember such a fun day.  I don't know many running in the Lakefront Marathon today but did have 3 close friends that ran in Chicago today.  Jamie, Dana, and Chris all ran this morning in what seemed like prefect weather.  Congratulations.

Also, I was able to go to the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Expo yesterday after a Cross Country Meet for the girls.  They had 2 pretty cool speakers this year.  First, a few days ago, Joan Benoit Samuelson gave a talk as well as took some people out for a run.  I was not able to see this.  But I was able to meet and hear from Nick Symmonds, the US Olympian from London in the 800 meters.  Nick is a really cool guy and was so friendly with me and the girls cracking jokes with them and signing autographs and posing for pictures.  Before he spoke, he even jokingly asked the girls to not heckle him during the short talk.  They were good.

I asked him if he would sign a beer can for me and that got a laugh out of him.  Besides being the 3rd fastest American ever in the 800 meters (the race I ran in college), the 5th place finisher in the London Olympic Finals, he is also the American record holder in the Beer Mile.

What is the Beer Mile?  Well, check out this video of Nick attempting to break the World Record for the Beer Mile.  In a nutshell, the Beer Mile is a 1 mile race on the track where when the gun sounds, the first thing you do is chug a beer.  Then you run a lap and chug another beer.  Each lap you have to stop and chug a beer before starting the lap.  So 4 beers and 4 laps.  I am sure it sounds easier than it really is.  Nick ran something like a 5:18.  Dang that is fast.  Beer or no beer.

Katelynn, Melissa, and Megan with Nick Symmonds, 2012 US Olympian. 

 Nick and I.  In my hey day, I would be "only" 13 seconds behind Nick in an 800.  Hmm, an entire straight away.  LOL

Next Saturday is the Haunted Hustle Marathon so an easy week is ahead of me.  I am pacing a pretty fast group so hopefully there will be no problems.  The evening before the marathon is my oldest daughter's last Cross Country race of the year, and special race she had to qualify for that only 4 runner from her team (boys and girls) qualified for.  After Haunted Hustle, I have lot of tentative plans for marathons, some dependant on the weather, some dependant on travelling.  It should be a fun fall marathon season.

Keep on Running!!! 

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