Sunday, September 16, 2012

Long Run in Pictures

Saturday morning, I got up early and went on a long run.  I decided to go back to the Glacier Drumlin Trail and do a long 21 mile out and back with the half way point being the top of the observation tower at Lapham Peak State Park.  It is a little over a 400 foot climb for the 10.5 miles out to the trail, most of it in the last 3/4 of mile where the climb was 210 feet.  The other part was a gradual climb up the trail.  On the way back, I got to go down the hills.  That 210 feet down in 3/4 of a mile is very hard on the quads but the 200 feet down in a little more than 2 miles is quite easy.

It was pretty cool that morning, about 45F when I started but I knew it was going to be in the lower 60's when I finished so a short sleeve shirt was in order.  It was cold for the first few miles, but then it was just fine the rest of the run. Glad I chose to not go with the long sleeve. 

Before I started, I decided to bring the iPhone along and take a few pictures of whatever sparked my interest.  So here is what I got:

 The start of the run at about 6:00AM.  Still pretty dark out but a couple other guys gathered in the parking lot ready to run as well.

 I turned back at one point in the first 2 miles on the trail and saw this site of the sun about to rise.

 There were a few hills and valleys along the way in the distance.  Lots of fog patches which looked really cool.

 7 miles into the trail, right at the top of the 200 foot hill that lasted 2 miles, there is a great looking foot bridge over the trail.

A herd of Wild Turkeys right along the road as I ran by.  Is it a herd or is a bunch of Turkeys called something else?

 Government Hill Road.  Even the name of the road sounds horrible.  This is the start of the final hill to the bottom of the tower.  This hill is 0.4 of a mile long and climbs 130 feet.  A picture of the hill does not do justice.  It really sucks, but I am sure helps my running.

At the top of Government Hill Road is the final grass trail to the tower.  It still climbs another 30 to 40 feet until you get to the bottom of the tower.

 Here is the tower I got to climb and served as the halfway point of my run.  No use running to the tower and not climbing it, right?

 Here are 2 pictures of the reward you get when you climb the tower.  It is the highest elevation level in the county and most of the south eastern part of Wisconsin.  Just beautiful.

 A view to the east and the direction I need to go to get back to my car.

As a final reward for a 21 mile run completed, I nice big chocolate milk.  Yummy!

Keep on Running!!!

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