Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heat and Heatbreaker

It has been very hot across the country this summer and Wisconsin is no exception.  On my last post, you saw that it got up to 107F.  The heat did not go away much.  It was over 100 for 2 more days and then went to the upper 80's to lower 90's.  Then yesterday and today, it was over 100 again.  Ugh!  I makes going out and running difficult but I try to still do it.

One thing I get asked a lot in the winters are "Do your lungs hurt when hurt from the cold?" and my answer is always the same, "No".  Then a little over a week ago, Mike and I went for a run after work when the temps were 103F out.  (Dumb?  No, we went really slow and stayed close to water).  My lungs actually hurt from the heat but my pores sure got a good cleaning.

So what does one have to do to get into a good race in the super heat of this summer?  How about the Heatbreaker Half Marathon?  It is held on what is traditionally the hottest day of the summer in Milwaukee, July 28th.  But I have some good news, the weather will be almost perfect.  55F, no humidity, and no wind GUARANTEED!  What?!?!  This race is held at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee, an indoor half marathon.  This is the sister race of the Famous Icebreaker Indoor Marathon & Half Marathon.  I have run in the Pettit a couple times in the summer and let me tell you, what a cool experience.  You feel like you can absolutely fly around the track free and easy.  No humidity to slow you down and perfect temps!  There are 4 "heats" of the half marathon with the fast heat offering $1000 in prize money to the top 3 males and females.

I am helping out this year with whatever needs to be done and I am pretty sure I will be running one of the later heats, maybe the 1:00PM or 4:00PM heats.  These heats have less runners in them so it will be less crowded, more room to run.

If you are interested in running, let me know.  I can get you a discount on the entry fee.

So the heat continues here and everywhere else in the country.  But I still run, a little less than usual, but still running.

Keep on Running!!!

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