Monday, May 2, 2011

I am Back to Running . . . almost 100%

I ran again! Yipee!!! I woke up early this morning and headed to the High School track for 4 miles of laps. My back was tight but I did not have the a single "twinge" the entire run. It went well. I ended up running 8:35 pace for the 4 miles and it was a little harder than 8:35 pace should feel for me. I guess that is what I get for a week off of running.

I will get in a few miles tomorrow. I am coaching the kids again and I think I will be taking them on a Fartlek run for 3 to 4 miles. They have their first track meet this Friday. I think they are having fun, i know I am.

In other running stuff, I am working on a big surprise for the 2011 WELS Kids Marathon. I don't want to jinks myself and say what it is but I think it will be really cool for the kids if it come to fruition. We are still working hard on the Kids Marathon and sign up has begun. I think we have about 30 schools participating this year! Lots of work but so rewarding!

Keep on Running!!!


misszippy said...

Awesome! I'm sure it feels fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're getting back into the running - great it didn't hurt!